GET: Deputy Voter Training

Growing Empowered Together (GET) is a San Antonio-based non-profit that aims to increase the number of millennial voters and volunteers in Texas by presenting the inspirational words, songs, poetry, dance and other art of some of Texas’ most passionate young voters and community volunteers to their peers.

GET is a progressive, but nonpartisan organization. They actively encourage discussions about progressive issues, voting and volunteerism without holding back, but do endorse or criticize political candidates or lobby for specific legislation. An important role in community involvement is voting. Being able to register voters is a valuable tool! Growing Empowered Together is a progressive grassroots, arts-based nonprofit working to inspire millennial voter turnout and volunteerism in Texas. They just so happen to be having a deputy voter reservation.

In the state of Texas, an individual must be “deputized” to register voters. This means they must attend a one hour class to get certified before they can help get others civically engaged. These classes are free but not offered regularly. GET has spoken to the Bexar County Elections Department and if we get a minimum of 30 people committed to attend, they will work with us.

Municipal elections in San Antonio are May 6th.

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  • afisher says:

    Wait what? According to the Bexar County Democrat webpage the date for Voter Regislatration Deputy training is Feb 14th at 10AM and 6PM.

    • Caden says:

      Bexar county democrats may be having a voter deputy registration drive, but GET is also hosting one as well. The more opportunities to get deputized, the better.

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