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This week and next, four of President Trump’s most dangerous cabinet nominees may be confirmed by the United States Senate.  National Nurses United urge Your Senator – Vote No on Price, Sessions, Mnuchin, and Pruitt.

NNU opposes the confirmation of:

Tom Price for Health and Human Services Secretary
Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.
Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary
Scott Pruitt for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

All four may be voted on by the full Senate this week or early next week.  It’s time to stand up for nurses’ values of caring, compassion, and community. Please call your United States Senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to vote against Price, Sessions, Mnuchin, and Pruitt.

Rep. Tom Price …

demonstrates that he will be an advocate for the corporate healthcare industry and Big Pharma, not for the public interest.  Price has opposed children’s health and women’s health programs, supported the privatization of Medicare, and opposed allowing the federal government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.  Read more about why nurses oppose Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary.

Senator Jeff Sessions …

should not be confirmed as Attorney General because he has demonstrated a pattern of prejudice against people of color and has not demonstrated a commitment to equal protection for women, among other reasons.  The Attorney General should be a champion for social justice and equal rights for all; nothing in Sen. Sessions past record, or statements in his confirmation hearings provide reassurance that he will meet that fundamental test.  Read more about why nurses oppose Sen. Sessions for Attorney General.

Steven Mnuchin’s …

greedy and reckless behavior demonstrate why nurses are urging the Senate to reject Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary. During every shift at healthcare facilities across the country, nurses care for patients who are suffering from the devastating health and social impacts of U.S. financial policy—a policy that benefits Wall Street at the expense of Main Street—and a healthcare policy that puts profits ahead of people’s health.   As an investment banker for Goldman Sachs, and then operating a hedge fund, Steven Mnuchin played an active role in exacerbating the mortgage crisis and pushing policies that widen economic inequality.

Scott Pruitt’s …

entire career has been based on attacking the fundamental protections we count on to keep our water and air safe, to reduce the health impact of environmental pollution, and to limit the escalating threat to our families, and our future from the climate crisis.  Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator would be a disaster for the environment and public health.  Please join your fellow nurses to urge the Senate to reject Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA.

Urge your Senator to Vote No on Scott Pruitt, Jeff Sessions, Steven Mnuchin, and Tom Price.
Please call 202-224-3121 now



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