SAPA Platform

2017 Mayoral & City Council

San Antonio Progressive Alliance

Platform Committee

February 7th, 2016

Privatization and Gentrification

We call on the San Antonio Mayor and City Council:

  • to keep public utilities held by the city strong and protected from privatization.
  • to establish direct city control for greater accountability in San Antonio Water System, City Public Service, VIA and all other public utilities.
  • to correct historical inequities of infrastructure on the East, South and West sides of town in the next bond.
  • to repeal the sidewalk ordinance that makes homeowners have to fund communally used sidewalks in front of their homes.
  • to fund the bus system to a degree that free services may be offered to those with low income, veterans, seniors and students. And to support participatory budget and route structuring.
  • enact a gentrification tax freeze.
  • stop taxpayer subsidies for private interests (Corporate Welfare).
  • enforce the strongest possible measures including city control of rents, prices and taxes to ensure that such displacement not occur. The city should not be in the business of forced relocation.
  • Residential development should not be used to displace existing communities.
  • Enact a Speculation Tax on house flipping.
  • That all models used in growth projection be made public and be transparent as to input and output.
  • We call for the restoration of Neighborhood plans into the Comprehensive Plan.
  • The grassroots democracy represented by Neighborhood Associations should be respected.

Ecological Balance

We call on the San Antonio Mayor and City Council:

  • repeal the Vista Ridge water project and invest in a sustainable water plan.
  • keep the water supply and public land  from control by private corporations.
  • establish a Climate Reality Plan.
  • provide funds to incubate small local businesses and entrepreneurs to enter into the sustainable energy and food sector.
  • allow microgrids and off-grid water and energy systems.
  • establish a Sustainability ranking for all major contracts and purchasing. Rank must align with Sustainability plan and Climate Reality Plan even if it is not the low bid.
  • give stakeholder status with a seat on every city board and commission regarding flora, fauna, water, air, energy and soil.

Economic Justice and Workers’ Rights

The San Antonio City Council should take aggressive steps to implement local remedies for the massive and deliberately maintained disparities of wealth and income in American society which are unjust to low-income and working class inhabitants and dangerous for the sustainability of our society. Such steps must include at least the following:

  • Immediate implementation of a living wage of at least $15 per hour for City employees, to be adjusted for cost of living;
  • Requiring all private employers who do business directly or indirectly with the City to (a) employ San Antonio residents, (b) recognize just-cause protection to create job security for their employees, (c) pay at least $15 per hour living wages to their employees, and (d) support their employees’ rights to organize a union;
  • The City Council entering into written working agreements of terms and conditions of employment with labor unions that represent City employees;
  • The City of San Antonio supporting tax breaks for worker-owned cooperatives.

Human Rights

We call on the San Antonio Mayor and City Council:

  • to expand the Non-Discrimination Ordinance to all classes of workplace.
  • to withhold cooperation from any effort by the federal/state government to have local police turn people over for deportation.
  • to preserve the LGBTQ community, the Muslim community, individuals with disabilities, undocumented families, Women, African American and Latino communities.
  • to fund a LGBTQ Center with resources.
  • to establish a Truth and Reconciliation department with community oversight and interaction.
  • to expand city run health care clinics and public health programs and to give priority to vulnerable populations: Veterans, homeless, LGBTQ, students, elderly and those with low incomes.
  • Decriminilize cannabis in order to stop mass incarcareation and to aid in funding social and infrastructure projects.


We call on the San Antonio Mayor and City Council:

  • to establish 1 county wide school district, with access and funding that reflects the needs of historically and presently neglected and oppressed populations.
  • to establish a charter moratorium.
  • to enact an education ordinance to prohibit city council members from serving on corporate privatized charter school boards.
  • to require all city council members, as community leaders, oppose charter schools in that Corporate charter schools take away democratic accountability, are a form of de-professionalization of teaching and breaking the teachers union.
  • to acknowledge that Corporate charter schools are an educational fraud which take away democratic accountability, promote economic and racial segregation and erode  educational outcomes.


Democracy in City Governance:
Amend the San Antonio City Charter to abolish the position of City Manager and establish a democratically elected pure mayor-council form of government directly accountable to the voters in all matters.

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